Queensland Art Gallery’s modernist vision refurbished

Brisbane’s Queensland Art Gallery entrance overlooks the Brisbane River.

The refurbishment of the Queensland Art Gallery that began last year continues. The work restores changes to the building that took place subsequent to the gallery’s opening in 1982. They respect architect Robin Gibson’s original vision, not for reasons of nostalgia but to celebrate the achievements of this remarkable building and to extend the principles around which it was conceived. New display cabinets echo the proportions and style of the Gallery’s ceiling coffers, as do the seats being progressively updated throughout. Gibson may not have envisaged these newly designed items, but they refer to his proportions and motifs in a contemporary iteration.

Robin Gibson ao looked to modernist international precedents to design the
Cultural Centre that has since become integral to Brisbane’s architectural iconography. The coming changes at the Queensland Art Gallery will honour his visionary design, and recognise the exemplary building that is his legacy.

QAG architecture, Artlines, 1, 2018