Linde Ivimey Sculpture: 2004-2012 at UQ Art Museum from Nov 3, 2012

Elaborate sculpture exhibition opens at UQ, Thursday, July 26, 2012

A major survey of sculptural works by Sydney-based artist Linde Ivimey will open at The University of Queensland Art Museum on November 3, 2012.
If Pain Persists: Linde Ivimey Sculpture will showcase key sculptures produced over the past nine years in thematic groups. Ms Ivimey is known for constructing figures and animals with materials such as skin, bone, fabric, hair, wax, gemstones, teeth, and other personal and found objects, often to great emotional effect.
“The exhibition promises to be visually spectacular, and will shed light not only on Linde Ivimey’s unique working method and the fascinating objects produced, but also on the deeper impulses running through her work,” Director of the UQ Art Museum Dr Campbell Gray said.
“Ivimey’s is a truly original vision – her sculptures range from poignant to confronting, and can be interpreted as an evolving self-portrait,” he said.

Technically complex and intricate, the artist’s sculptures incorporate skills from welding to cooking, weaving, wood-sculpting, and sewing, which are adapted to create objects with an intense personal resonance. Exhibition themes include “Saints and sinners: old souls new work”, which explores Ms Ivimey’s interests in Jewish and Christian stories, including the Old Testament.
“Child’s play” deals with subjects of birth, childhood, adolescence, and the way knowledge is passed between generations; and “Self-portraits” notes the influence of personal appearance on identity and self-esteem.
Ms Ivimey’s recent work includes “Ice Warriors”, which was inspired by her journey to Antarctica on the Orion in December 2011 to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Douglas Mawson’s ill-fated expedition.
“Like her creations, Linde Ivimey’s artistic genesis has been unusual, a path strewn with difficulties,” exhibition curator Louise Martin-Chew said.
“Embedded in her work is the experience and strength gathered from facing and overcoming a series of personal challenges throughout her life,” she said.
Ms Ivimey said the works had a chronology and were used very much as a diary.
“They are a way of reconciling what has been happening with me, my body, my life,” she said.

This new survey exhibition will showcase developments since Ms Ivimey’s first major exhibition at Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, in 2003.
The first major publication on the artist’s work, titled Linde Ivimey and authored by Louise Martin-Chew, will be launched with the exhibition.
The exhibition continues until March 24, 2013.

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