Greenspace opens at Onespace

Nicole Moss created this exhibition in a short and intense period, which reflects the pace and density of the area that inspired it. She turned her attention to the inner-suburban area in which the gallery is located, which she defined by the postcode 4101. Here the population is likely to more than double by 2031. The artworks made in response to her research, conversations with residents, and walks around this inner-urban precinct “to help understand the vernacular of that area” express what she has uncovered about the local community’s investment in green spaces. American philosopher Edward S. Casey notes the impact of the edges of parks and gardens in city neighbourhoods, describing their value in “the creation of an opening in the very midst of intensely built and overbuilt structures: an elastic space in an other-wise breathless world of employment, acceleration, and pressure. The catalogue essay is in the room brochure below.

Onespace Gallery – Nicola Moss, Greenspace, 2019