Dian Darmansjah: “Bush Printmaker”

I interviewed Dian Darmansjah for IMPRINT, after seeing him at work on ambitious two metre prints for Badu Art Centre. These were shown in “Sageraw Thonar – Stories from the Southeasterly Season” (KickArts Contemporary Arts, Cairns, 28 May – 30 July 2016).

Darmansjah has a different approach to that of other printers. He told me for IMPRINT, “I aim to do the work as a collaboration. The artist brings skills and their art. I bring the technical know-how to exploit the medium.”

Often he will spend time researching the artist’s particular intentions so he can offer technique to capture the essence of the artwork. As his business and life partner Belinda Simonsen put it, ‘other printers may show their hand, whereas Dian likes to be invisible’.

Darmansjah said. “I work to maintain the integrity of the artists’ work, and am keen to reproduce their work as accurately as possible. It is a delicate balance.”

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Firebox Print Studio, IMPRINT, Vol 51, No3, pp.42-43.