Fiona Foley. Photo: Mick Richards
Fiona Foley. Photo: Mick Richards
Julie Ewington, Photo: Natasha Harth, QAGOMA
Julie Ewington, Photo: Natasha Harth, QAGOMATwo luminary visual arts professionals, both based in Brisbane, will be recognised this evening by the Australia Council for the Arts. Fiona Foley, visual artist and Julie Ewington, who is a curator, will receive 2013 Visual Arts Awards at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Two luminary visual arts professionals will be celebrated this evening with Visual Arts Awards from the Australia Council for the Art.

AusCo Chief Executive Officer Tony Grybowski noted that Professor Fiona Foley and Queensland curator, writer and broadcaster Julie Ewington had made substantial contributions to the visual arts sector for many years and inspired other artists and arts professionals in Australia and overseas.

“It is important that we acknowledge the pioneering work of artists and arts professionals like Fiona and Julie, who make Australian visual arts such a vibrant and stimulating artform,” Mr Grybowski said.

Professor Foley noted the first Visual Arts Award was given in 1987 and since then four recipients had beenAboriginal, with the first Aboriginal artist, Paddy Lilipiyana, winning in 1992.

“I am honoured to be in such esteemed company, such as Tracey Moffatt, Fiona Hall, Inge King and many more,”

Professor Foley said. Coming in the same week as her 50th birthday the award is a timely acknowledgement of her significant achievements to date.

Julie Ewington’s contribution has been significant, particularly given her leading role at QAGOMA since 1987. She said, “This award is especially wonderful because it is coming from my peers. It will sustain and encourage me for my future work.”

Past winners include Tracey Moffatt and Juliana Enberg in 2012 and Fiona Hall and Ron Radford in 2011.

The Visual Arts Awards acknowledge and honour the exceptional achievements of an Australian artist and an arts professional who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of Australian art. The 2013 Awards will be presented at a ceremony at the Brisbane Powerhouse at 6 pm on Wednesday, 26 March 2014.