Art for Reconciliation: Joining the Dots

Amala Groom and Nicole Monks, “Reframed” (detail), 2018, photographs, winner 2018 KWM NSW Local Artists Award, courtesy the artists, Art Atrium, Sydney and King & Wood Mallesons

Joining The Dots AP 46, 2019

To further reconciliation, King & Wood Mallesons chose contemporary Aboriginal art as their vehicle. Berkeley Cox, KWM Managing Partner acknowledges change is “an ambitious task”, and said, “Balance and nuance are required to bring people along. If you push too hard they you may lose your audience.” This level of leadership from the private sector, underpinned with support from a government agency, makes me wonder what we might achieve with a modicum of similar ambition from our political leaders.

A pdf of the full article, which appeared in ARTIST PROFILE 46, 2019 is attached.