Anna Glynn’s ‘Promiscuous Provenance’ tours nationally

Anna Glynn’s exhibition is created around the sense of a mystical and magical land at the bottom of the world, where flora and fauna were exotically and unknowably wrong. The plants and animals discovered with Terra Australis were even more incredible; this land and its peoples were, to European eyes, unimaginably strange. Yet as Anna Glynn has discovered, this exchange was not one-sided. The colonists – their elaborate gowns, domestic animals and different technologies – were also wondered at, elaborated and recorded by Australia’s Indigenous peoples in cave paintings and carvings.

Anna Glynn’s exhibition titled “Promiscuous Provenance” is touring nationally and will be seen at Noosa Regional Gallery 2019

Promiscuous Provenance, Anna Glynn

Anna Glynn, Black Swan / After Port Jackson Painters