An Adventure as Alice

Dale Harding, “Current Iterations”, Institute of Modern Art, 2019. Photo Louis Lim

Contemporary art is society’s mirror and psyche; it describes the symptoms and causes, and reflects the current zeitgeist and mood.

IN 2013 I wrote about an exhibition of work from a Visual Art Research Project undertaken jointly between Queensland College of Art and the University of Southern Queensland, a great opportunity to see this “fresh talent”. It was a great opportunity to work with talented artist-educators such as Sebastian di Mauro and Beata Batorowicz, and included artists now travelling the world with their art, notably Dale Harding (whose “Current Iterations” opened at the IMA on Saturday 9 February 2018), and others whose work I have written about, some regularly, since. These include Linda Clark, Ellie Coleman, Kay Lawrence, Carol McGregor, Tarn McLean, Glen Skien and Lynden Stone – and there are more. The essay  from 2013 is available in full below.

Down the Rabbit Hole, QCA essay, August 2013 pp64-66