UAP’s creative interests & Gerhard Richter

Germany b.1932
Phantom Interceptors (50) 1964
Oil on canvas
140 x 190cm
Froehlich Collection, Stuttgart, Germany
© Gerhard Richter 2017140 x 190 cm


International public art fabricators UAP have been in business over 25 years, but what may be less known is their generosity in supporting the creative endeavours of others, notably Australian artists where they “enable the act of art making”. In 2017, they are the major partner of Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art in presenting Gerhard Richter: The Life of Images, citing Richter’s words, “Art should be serious”.  I was thrilled to review this compelling exhibition for the Australian Book Review:

“Making Art Public” is an article first published in Artlines 3, 2017 about the new documentary series of UAP’s ‘big art’.

“Making Art Public”, Artlines 3, 2017