Cirque du Soleil’s Brisbane season of OVO has been extended until September 2. This production is celebratory – of life, its diversity, exoticism and love – with Cirque’s trademark athleticism and acrobatics. It is marked by amazing costumes for the insect-human hybrids that are its stars. The music is evocative, and the atmospherics within the genuine circus tent are strong with the ‘insect-hybrids’ crawling behind and between seats, occasionally picking an (imaginary?) nit from an audience-member’s hair. Photography wasn’t allowed, so the only image I can bring you is this one from outside the tent. For more information, images, and footage of the acrobatic feats that mark this ensemble, follow the link.

The poetic finale sees paper butterflies raining over the audience and stage, a poignant reminder of the shortness of the life cycle. The show’s journey includes the sinister and sexy spiders, the flying scarabs, and irrepressibly bouncy crickets, and much celebration of food, colour and passion. On the evening of the premiere, the performance wasn’t flawless – and there was the sense that this production wasn’t fused as tightly as previous Cirque shows – but it was early in the season and Brisbane the first venue.




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