‘LINDE IVIMEY’ now available nationally

Linde Ivimey is extraordinary …

This book tells us so much about Linde, her passion and personality, and her incredible life journey with its highly illustrative format guiding us through the development of her unique sculptural method.’

Mr Simon Mordant, AM Australian Commissioner, 2013 Venice Biennale

Chairman, Museum of Contemporary Art, and Philanthropist

LINDE IVIMEY was generously launched on 2 November 2012 by Simon Mordant AM at the UQ Art Museum where Linde’s exhibition, “If Pain Persists: Linde Ivimey Sculpture” is on until 24 March 2013. For those who haven’t seen the exhibition, the most notable response from all audiences is the palpable

time that ten years of Linde’s work has been amassed in the one place. The exhibition has been sensitively designed and installed by the UQ Art Museum team.

The book is now in all good art bookshops, but also available from UQ Art Museum, http://www.artmuseum.uq.edu.au/linde-ivimey-publication, and Martin Browne Contemporary, http://www.martinbrownefineart.com.

 Some more details below…

Linde Ivimey is one of Australia’s most admired contemporary artists. This book, the first monograph to be published on Ivimey’s work and practice, explores the relationship between her often challenging and confronting personal biography and her art. It traces the chronology of Ivimey’s practice and is accompanied by a short film documenting the processes of the artist in her studio. The film, made in 2013, provides an insight into Ivimey’s working methods and the extraordinary body of sculptures that she has created.


Author: Louise Martin-Chew

Other Authors/Contributors: Dr Campbell Gray, The University of Queensland Art Museum

ISBN 9781742720487 – HARDBACK

RRP: $60.00 including GST

*Special exhibition price $50.00 including GST

Includes index and DVD