“… like a family reunion”: the Johnstone Gallery Exhibition at UQ Art Museum

Saturday’s exhibition opening, “Remembering BRIAN AND MARJORIE JOHNSTONE’S GALLERIES” at UQ Art Museum, was indeed, as curator Nancy Underhill noted, ” … like a family reunion”. It was packed with friends, family, those who had participated in the Johnstone Gallery’s unique social and cultural moment in Brisbane (1950-1972), and many others who had heard about the phenomenon of a commercial gallery that had captured the hearts, minds and spirits of art audiences all over Australia in this period.

Max Hurley's

Thanks to Nancy Underhill for inviting me to contribute an essay to the catalogue that captures the gallery’s importance and era so effectively. Nancy has written an essay titled, “Thank you Brian and Marge” and my “There are no duds here!” follows hers.

Copies are available from UQ Art Museum, www.artmuseum.uq.edu.au. The exhibition runs 31 May to 17 August, 2014.