Leigh Schoenheimer’s visual logics exposed


Leigh Schoenheimer’s work travels across abstraction, representation and conceptual art. She told me, “Whilst I’m primarily interested in the aesthetics of each work, I’m also aiming to demonstrate the alternative logic of abstract and conceptual approaches to art-making. Each work is, in effect, a short lesson in the history of art and the nature of ‘representation’. The teacher in me has constructed a visual justification of why, for example,  Malevich(1878-1935) is worthy of our consideration. Abstraction emerged in response to the camera … one thing leads to another. My work offers a logical continuum, including minimalist abstraction, post modernism and conceptual art. I value each for its own attributes, instead of measuring them against a realist framework. These groups of works, and the series as a whole, aim to expand appreciation by suggesting the equivalent value/validity of a multitude of artistic responses to the world.” The catalogue essay for her exhibition in Stanthorpe in 2018 is attached.

Leigh Schoenheimer’s “Perceive/Conceive (expended), Stanthorpe Regional Gallery 2018


LeighSchoenheimer Perceive:Conceive 2018