Brave New World

Stephen Hart at Gold Coast City Gallery, photo by Alex Chomicz

Today I’m creating a website. It’s very pleasant sitting at my friend Roz MacAllan’s house with the October breeze filtering through open doors, working out the best way to proceed. It’s all new skills for me and I’m lucky to be mentored by someone who is so passionate and interested in utilising new media possibilities.

This week I’m working on the promotion of a beautiful new book for Stephen Hart. While I am a contributor to the book itself, my favourite aspect of the package is a very beautiful film made by Alex Chomicz that is included in the back cover of the book. It explores Stephen’s motivations and practice in a very seductive way. There’s a link here to Stephen’s film and the book is available from the GOMA bookshop (if you’re in Brisbane), and art bookshops interstate.

If you’d like more information a media release is available SH2