BAM Artist Dinner with Michael Cook

Lisa Cowan, BAM Artist Dinner at BARRIO, 17 October 2018. Photograph @kateholmesphotographer. Michael Cook’s work courtesy the artist and Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane.

At the inaugural Byron Art Magazine’s Artist Dinner on 17 October, Michael Cook opened up about his work, the influence of his identity and how his life has shaped his unprecedented artistic trajectory since his first exhibition in 2010. This was a great event, with culture, conversation with the artist, and fun! There will be more, with this new initiative from Lisa Cowan, theartconnector, to continue. Next event is slated for January 2019.

@kateholmesphotographer, BAM Artist Dinner with Michael Cook, Joey’s performance.
Michael Cook and LMC at BARRIO, BAM Artist Dinner, 17 October 2018. @kateholmesphotographer
Michael Cook’s “Invasion”, at BARRIO, Bryron Bay, courtesy Michael Cook and Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane, @kateholmesphotographer