Amalia Pica’s exploration of potential communication between humans and animals at the IMA

Performance documentation: Amalia Pica, A n B n C, 2013. Installation with Plexiglass. Unique in a series; 3 wall version. Dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist; Marc Foxx Gallery, Los Angeles; Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporaneo, INBA-Conaculta, Mexico City. Photo: Daniela Uribe, 2012.


Brisbane’s Institute of Modern Art hosts work by Argentinian artist Amalia Pica which “points to a more inclusive future that respects the knowledge and needs of non-human life on earth”, said IMA directors Aileen Burns and Johan Lundh. Pica’s work presents contemporary art in parallel with science, like two angles on the same story. Fascinating viewing!

IMA, 18 November to 10 March, 2018.

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